About me

I am a Research Fellow at the European Southern Observatory (Chile) from October 2018.

I support operations at Paranal Observatory at UT1 & UT2. I am KMOS Instrument Fellow.

I previously obtained my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg (Germany), working in the group of Fabian Walter.

My current research focuses on the discovery and characterization of the first luminous quasars in the very early universe (i.e. ~800 Myr old). These objects host very massive black holes in their centers, and they are formidable beacons of the pristine cosmic times. I am interested both in their physical properties and in the environments where they live in, which are predicted to be among the richest in the first Gyr of the universe.

I graduated from University of Milano-Bicocca in 2014, with a thesis on the environment of supermassive black hole binary candidates.